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Total Body Wellness
      at ASH Chiropractic

Located in Georgetown, Texas, Ash Chiropractic and Wellness offers its patients a variety of services from Chiropractic and Massage to Acupuncture, Nutrition and Weight Loss (Ash Weight Loss Center).

Your comfort and well being is our top priority.

Take a Tour Ash Chiropractic & Wellness provides Georgetown and the central Texas area with high quality and affordable healthcare. We are consistently striving for excellence and patient satisfaction. Our passion and commitment is to provide total wellness care that is results driven with lasting results. Our approach is a holistic one where we look at the whole body by focusing on fixing the problem while eliminating your symptoms. Our comfortable environment, state of the art facility, along with our compassionate, dedicated and highly skilled staff, help to make Ash Chiropractic and Wellness the best solution for you and your family’s health care needs.

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